5000 Taka

If malware attack your website, we can remove it. We need 3-5 working days to remove it. Malware removing cost is 5000 taka



2000 Taka(Team Viewer), 5000 Taka (Office Visit)

You have a website and you are using webmail with your website. So if you want to use Microsoft Office Outlook then we can help you. We can set up to 5 email on office outlook in your PC. If our office stuff need to visit your office to setup outlook then cost will be 5000 taka but if you allow us to setup outlook by team viewer, then cost will be 2000 taka.



2000 taka/month or 20,000 taka/year

Business IT have expert technical professionals for website maintain. Whatever the problem is, Business IT technical team will support you instantly. For website maintenance, service charge will be 2000 taka per month or 20,000 taka per year. Service include Backup, Monitoring, Hacking security, Malware security, Outlook Support(Team Viewer)



1000 Taka/page, Dynamic Page: 2000 taka/page, Ecommerce: 3000 taka/category

If you want to update your website content then Business IT technical team will help you. Our cost is 1000 taka per page for static website, 2000 taka per page for dynamic website. If you have an ecommerce website and you want to increase your product category then cost will be 3000 taka per category.




5000 Taka

Hackers are regularly trying to hack many website. So if any hacker can hack your website then we are here to help you. We can restore your website and will delete hacking code from your website. Our service charge is 5000 taka to remove hacking code.



1500 taka

If you maintain a good website with a big data, then you should take regular backup of your website. Business IT can help you in this matter and cost will be 1500 taka per month for backup.